The Weeks family Christmas Traditions

Is it to early to pull out my Christmas decor?! I am so ready for the holiday season! And did I mention I can’t wait to decorate our new house for Christmas for the first time! I am especially excited for this Christmas being Blakely’s FIRST Christmas! I remember growing up, my family had a few holiday traditions that we did every year and loved having those memories. With now having my own bebe, I want to start our own family holiday traditions! Here is the start of my list and hope to add more as the years go by.

Weeks Family Christmas Traditions:

1. New Christmas jammies & book on Christmas Eve

2. New ornament each year for Blakely to collect

3. Decorate snowflake cookies

4. Hunt for our Christmas tree & decorate together

5. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning

6. Participate in our church’s canned foods & toys donation

Even though Blakely is still so young (and won’t even remember this years Christmas) I want her to grow up & always have those memories as I did. Anyway how about we get through Thanksgiving first? I am just so excited! What are some of your family holiday traditions?

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