February . Mini Style

February is only one day away! ❤️ And we are excited for all things pink, glittery & heart shaped! We love to dress up, be festive & celebrate all holidays. So no exception for Valentine’s Day! I put together a few of the cutest little outfits from our favorite places to shop for February!


Blush Long Sleeve . Vintage Terry Sweats . Heart Pjs . Ello Love Tank . Bubblegum Velvet Bow .  Grey Dress . Hot Pink Moccs

I fell in love with Candy Kirby Designs before Blakely was born and absolutely love all their stuff! They have fun colors, patterns, and our forever favorite black & white stripes!

Can’t go wrong with an Ello Love tank for February from our local favorite, Kate & James! Blakely is on their brand rep team & we love to support local businesses!

Matching shoes & headband are the perfect way to dress up a simple dress! Free Babes & Sweet N Swag moccs are our go to accessories! (Having a girl is seriously so fun playing dress up!)




(so proud she got her baby out of the toy basket herself!😄)

I am super excited for Valentine’s Day festivities! We have a play date planned with friends & are exchanging valentines! How fun is that?! Just melts my heart thinking about it! 😍 We can’t wait to make our own valentines and celebrate with friends for Blakely’s first Valentine’s Day! Keep an eye out for our DIY valentines next week!



Friday Night

In our house we don’t really have “weekends”! I know right?! Everyone lives for the weekend after a long week. But with me working part-time now & Braden’s shift work schedule, working every other weekend makes our “weekends” different from most. We still have time to go out, have date nights, & hangout with friends & family. It just can happen any day of the week! (well whenever we aren’t working 😉)

Tonight, our friday night consisted of bbq’d chicken tacos, fresh lime margs & the cutest baby laughs that melt my heart! ❤️

Happy weekend to you all!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! Hope you all had a great week, but who is excited for the weekend?! We are ready for a weekend involving no plans! It will be nice to have some family time & be home together since Braden has been working so much this month. Im starting a weekly “Friday Favorites” post of a few things I’ve rounded up that I’ve been loving lately!

First off, I love getting a new planner to kick off the new year! I love Rifle Paper Co & couldnt resist getting  this planner in this amazing floral print! (also all their planners are 20% off right now!)

I got a few of these Capri Blue Volcano Candles for Christmas & am already addicted to this scent of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes. And with all this freezing weather, it makes me want to go on a tropical vacay!

Last week we made this amazing Asian Peanut Chicken recipe and I have been craving it since! (& already made it again this week ) We aren’t into zucchini noodles so we used whole grain pasta noodles instead. Definatly adding this to our regular dinner menu!

What are you all currently loving? I would love to hear! Happy weekend eveyone!


photo via pinterest


Enjoy Today

First of all, thank you all so much for the encouragement & support of this new little adventure I started! Seriously made my day & made me more excited to have this creative outlet! 

This is my daily reminder to “enjoy today”. Sometimes you need to pause and be present. People always said to me before I had Blakely, “time flies when you have kids & they grow up so fast!” And I really had no idea until having my own babe that time truely flies by! I still can’t believe my baby girl has grown so much and is 8 months already! It seems like yesterday she was so tiny in her carseat coming home and all she did was sleep & ate all day! And before I know it she will be one year old! So I want to soak up every second with my girl and enjoy each day & every milestone.

One of my goals for the new year is to have less screen time around Blakely. To put my phone away while I am with her and be present. Blakely is always grabbing for my phone which shows I am on it to much. So I am going to put it away & “enjoy today” so I don’t blink & my little baby isn’t so little anymore!

But first, coffee. 

Before I became mama to my sweet Blakely Elle, I used to never drink coffee. What?! I know right, how did I survive?! (Well I probably got a lot more sleep back then 😴) I know people say “never drink coffee when your pregnant!” But that’s when my love of coffee started! Now I can’t make it through a day without it!

Here is my new favorite to make at home!


For Christmas we got this vanilla macadamia nut Maui coffee & it is seriously so good! I make a vanilla macadamia nut iced latte! (In a mason jar & iced of course 😉)

2 shots of coffee

3/4 cup of 2% milk

1/2 tbsp of Starbucks vanilla syrup

Add ice, a paper straw & enjoy!

This is us, The Weeks Life. 

Feeling inspired lately to actually get going on this whole blog thing that I started last year. I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, but always had an excuse not to. Whether thinking I can’t write well enough for blog content, I’m to busy, will others judge me for what I post, or I don’t have the perfect life to share & inspire others… Every excuse I could think of. But I got to thinking and I don’t have to write some elaborate post all the time, or share a post everyday and I don’t have to have the perfect life to share with everybody. Also I can’t worry about what others think. I just have to be me and be real. I don’t always have my shit together like it may seem. Somedays Blakely and I stay in pajamas all day and I survive off iced coffee & dry shampoo. And other days we get ready and dressed and make it out of the house to socialize! So this is us, The Weeks Life.