t e n . m o n t h s . o l d .Β 

Our Blakely Elle is ten months! (And this mama is posting late… only about halfway to eleven months πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚) Not our typical monthly pictures today, now that she just wants to go go go! But that’s my Blakely Elle! She is such a busy girl, always on the move, and follows mama everywhere! She is happy, adventurous, smart & sassy all in one! She loves to stand up against everything and will take baby steps. She loves her puppy dog (who still isn’t quite sure of this little human who keeps pulling her fur). Blakely has two teeth, is getting so tall & growing out of all her clothes! Where did my baby go?! 😭 I can’t believe she will been ONE in a few months! I’ve already started to plan her first birthday party! I love this girl like crazy & I can’t wait to watch her become a little girl! πŸ’•


Barn Slider

We finally had the motivation to get some unfinished projects done around the house! Once it warms up & the weather starts to get nicer (which it seems like spring will never come πŸ˜”), there is a lot to do outside in our yard. And we figured we better get going on these indoor projects so we can spend our spring & summer outdoors!

We thought it would be cool to include a barn sliding door in our master bedroom plans to enter into our master bath . The barn slider was one of the many projects that didn’t get done before we rushed to move in.

Braden’s shift work schedule has him rotating days and nights so he either wakes up really early or sleeps in into the afternoon. When he works nights and sleeps in, its tough for me to get ready for the day with not having a bathroom door. Same thing when he gets ready at 4  in the morning, he wakes me up while he gets ready. 😴 So lets just say it was time for our bathroom door to get up there!

I found inspiration from pinterest for the style & went with a very simple design. We got this rustic wood from my father in law. Braden cut it down to size, sanded, nailed the wood together & added the hardware. (Thank you to my amazing handy husband!) Then I put a clear coat of polyurethane on to seal it and give it a lustre finish.

I love how our barn slider turned out for our bedroom & we are planning to make another one for our laundry room entry! 

Laundry Room Inspiration

Even though we have been living in our new house for almost a year now, there are still projects that are unfinished. So our next project is our laundry room/ mud room.This room has become a dumping ground & we need some organization and a home for everything. In our house plans, we planned to put built-in cubbies for storage and a set of floating shelves above the sink & counter top. I have started brainstorming again for ideas for built-ins and of course Pinterest is the best place to go for inspiration!

For the built-ins, I’d like to do some shiplap, maybe paint the cubbies white (not sure if I will regret that when Blakely gets older) , hooks for coats, maybe a shelf up above (I have some vintage locker baskets that would look really cool up top), a bench seat & space below as a home for shoes that seem to end up everywhere in there now! Not a long list or anything! πŸ˜†

I wanted to share some of my inspiration & can’t wait to get started and check one more thing off our never ending list of to-dos!


Inspiration photos via Pinterest