Laundry Room Inspiration

Even though we have been living in our new house for almost a year now, there are still projects that are unfinished. So our next project is our laundry room/ mud room.This room has become a dumping ground & we need some organization and a home for everything. In our house plans, we planned to put built-in cubbies for storage and a set of floating shelves above the sink & counter top. I have started brainstorming again for ideas for built-ins and of course Pinterest is the best place to go for inspiration!

For the built-ins, I’d like to do some shiplap, maybe paint the cubbies white (not sure if I will regret that when Blakely gets older) , hooks for coats, maybe a shelf up above (I have some vintage locker baskets that would look really cool up top), a bench seat & space below as a home for shoes that seem to end up everywhere in there now! Not a long list or anything! 😆

I wanted to share some of my inspiration & can’t wait to get started and check one more thing off our never ending list of to-dos!


Inspiration photos via Pinterest


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