Mother’s Day love 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! 💗 After becoming a mom I have a new found appreciation for my own mom. I was finally able to realize how much she loves me and I am so grateful for how much she has sacrificed and how much she does for me and my baby girl! I feel like I didn’t understand it until I became a mom myself! So Mother’s Day means so much more to me now that I am a mom and I am excited to celebrate my own mom, mother in law & all my mama friends today! I also am so thankful God chose me to be mama to my amazing girl! Blakely was one month old in this picture and I so miss those days when she would fall asleep on my chest!



t e n . m o n t h s . o l d . 

Our Blakely Elle is ten months! (And this mama is posting late… only about halfway to eleven months 🙈😂) Not our typical monthly pictures today, now that she just wants to go go go! But that’s my Blakely Elle! She is such a busy girl, always on the move, and follows mama everywhere! She is happy, adventurous, smart & sassy all in one! She loves to stand up against everything and will take baby steps. She loves her puppy dog (who still isn’t quite sure of this little human who keeps pulling her fur). Blakely has two teeth, is getting so tall & growing out of all her clothes! Where did my baby go?! 😭 I can’t believe she will been ONE in a few months! I’ve already started to plan her first birthday party! I love this girl like crazy & I can’t wait to watch her become a little girl! 💕

N I N E . M O N T H S . O L D .

N I N E. M O N T H S . O L D . A few days late, but our Blakely Elle is growing up! She has grown so much and learning so fast the past few weeks! She is officially crawling & will soon be all over the house! Time to baby proof everything for this busy bee! She still loves to dance all the time & thinks it’s so funny to spit her food at mama (not mamas favorite thing she’s learned) This months pictures were a little harder with this girl all over the place! It is so amazing watching her grow up & learn new things everyday! Love this girl to the moon and back!