Blakely’s Birthday Fiesta 

Our Blakely Elle is offically 1! I still cannot believe how fast time has flown & our little girl has grown so much! Looking back at newborn pictures of her, i forgot how tiny she was! She has grown to be such a big girl! (not a baby anymore!) She has a big personality, is already walking!, and working on her two front teeth. She loves to be outside & a few weeks ago used to hate being in the grass but now will cruise everywhere and anywhere. Just like her dada she likes to go go go! We cannot wait to start this next stage as shes starting to walk & all the next milestones to come! Love this girl to pieces!

We decided to throw a fiesta for Blakely’s 1st birthday since she was born the day after Cinco De Mayo! Who doesn’t love tacos & margaritas?!

Wanting to keep her fiesta small, we invited family only. We BBQ’d marinated taco chicken from a local mexican market & set up a chicken taco bar with all the fixings. I made a signature drink of pink lemonade margaritas! So yummy! I love a good margarita! For dessert I made cactus sugar cookies & served macaroons & churros. And a  mini layered cake for Blakely to smash!



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here! We have had so much going on lately and we’ve all been hit by some nasty stomach bug! (Let me tell you, it is so hard having a sick baby! Just breaks my heart!😢) Braden was the last to catch it & hopefully starts to feel better soon!

But hey! the sun is out today and it’s starting to (somewhat) feel like spring! And boy are we so ready for it! ☀️

Here’s another Friday favorites post with a few random (defiantly random) things I’ve been loving lately!

Method brand all purpose cleaner! I love love love this pink grapefruit scent it smells so good I almost could eat it! It is plant based & non toxic. And this cleaner actually cleans! I use it everyday on my counter tops & Blakely’s high chair that gets so messy! We also love Method’s dish soap & foaming hand soap in pink grapefruit!

Ok now that it’s officially springtime (even though it doesn’t feel like it here in the PNW 😱) that means… Cadbury mini eggs are in stores for Easter! These are my guilty pleasure!

Beautycounter skin care & make up products are my new favorite! I could write a whole post about these products & I just might have to! These products are safe for your skin! There are to many chemicals & toxic things in our skincare and beauty products that we aren’t aware of and it is shocking! My go to favorites are: Lip Sheer in the color Petal, the Charcoal Face Mask, & the Rosmary Citrus Body Oil! (Literally smells like you are at the spa! 🙌🏼)

Our next week is filled with party plans for Blakelys Birthday Fiesta 💃🏼 & I am hoping for some good weather to get outside & do some planting in our new raised garden beds and outdoor patio pots! Happy Friday & happy weekend y’all!

Blakely “helping” plant our front entry pots earlier this week. Got and little dirty & tasted some dirt! 😍

e l e v e n . m o n t h s . o l d . 

Ok wow.. this mama has been slacking on monthly pictures of my baby girl! Actually she defiantly doesn’t seem like a baby anymore! 😭 but I know she will always be my baby! Also wow that my baby girl is almost ONE!

We are half way through 11 months & this stage is probably my favorite so far! Blakely  is all over the place & she is fast! She is very close to walking, still loves to dance and shake her booty, she is a chatterbox, her favorite word is Dada, and laughs all the time thinking everything mama does is funny!

Also aren’t these flamingo leggings the cutest?! My friend MADE these herself & was an early birthday gift for Blakely’s first birthday! If you’re local, check out her instagram shop! @jemmatreebabygoods

Friday Night

In our house we don’t really have “weekends”! I know right?! Everyone lives for the weekend after a long week. But with me working part-time now & Braden’s shift work schedule, working every other weekend makes our “weekends” different from most. We still have time to go out, have date nights, & hangout with friends & family. It just can happen any day of the week! (well whenever we aren’t working 😉)

Tonight, our friday night consisted of bbq’d chicken tacos, fresh lime margs & the cutest baby laughs that melt my heart! ❤️

Happy weekend to you all!

Enjoy Today

First of all, thank you all so much for the encouragement & support of this new little adventure I started! Seriously made my day & made me more excited to have this creative outlet! 

This is my daily reminder to “enjoy today”. Sometimes you need to pause and be present. People always said to me before I had Blakely, “time flies when you have kids & they grow up so fast!” And I really had no idea until having my own babe that time truely flies by! I still can’t believe my baby girl has grown so much and is 8 months already! It seems like yesterday she was so tiny in her carseat coming home and all she did was sleep & ate all day! And before I know it she will be one year old! So I want to soak up every second with my girl and enjoy each day & every milestone.

One of my goals for the new year is to have less screen time around Blakely. To put my phone away while I am with her and be present. Blakely is always grabbing for my phone which shows I am on it to much. So I am going to put it away & “enjoy today” so I don’t blink & my little baby isn’t so little anymore!

But first, coffee. 

Before I became mama to my sweet Blakely Elle, I used to never drink coffee. What?! I know right, how did I survive?! (Well I probably got a lot more sleep back then 😴) I know people say “never drink coffee when your pregnant!” But that’s when my love of coffee started! Now I can’t make it through a day without it!

Here is my new favorite to make at home!


For Christmas we got this vanilla macadamia nut Maui coffee & it is seriously so good! I make a vanilla macadamia nut iced latte! (In a mason jar & iced of course 😉)

2 shots of coffee

3/4 cup of 2% milk

1/2 tbsp of Starbucks vanilla syrup

Add ice, a paper straw & enjoy!

This is us, The Weeks Life. 

Feeling inspired lately to actually get going on this whole blog thing that I started last year. I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, but always had an excuse not to. Whether thinking I can’t write well enough for blog content, I’m to busy, will others judge me for what I post, or I don’t have the perfect life to share & inspire others… Every excuse I could think of. But I got to thinking and I don’t have to write some elaborate post all the time, or share a post everyday and I don’t have to have the perfect life to share with everybody. Also I can’t worry about what others think. I just have to be me and be real. I don’t always have my shit together like it may seem. Somedays Blakely and I stay in pajamas all day and I survive off iced coffee & dry shampoo. And other days we get ready and dressed and make it out of the house to socialize! So this is us, The Weeks Life.